When It’s Time to Pivot Your Goals

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Knowing when to pivot your goals is something we don’t talk about enough. Circumstances change all the time and that can make setting goals hard. We can’t predict the future. Our lives change. Who we are as people and what we want changes. So how do we actually know when to let go of one goal and focus on another? And what about when we haven’t changed but life forces us to shift focus—do we stick to our original goals or do we pivot?

In today’s episode, I’ll share some questions you can ask yourself to help ground you when your life interferes with your goals, how to tell if it’s time to pivot your goals, and some insight on how to tell the difference between the messy middle of the right path from the true need to pivot in a new direction. Changing—or even examining—your life goals is not easy work, but we do it because we all deserve lives full of joy and purpose.

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