March Mailbag: COVID-19, Retirement, Investing, & Side Hustles

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Still have questions about growing your wealth through investments and diversified income streams? We’ve got you covered in this special Q&A style episode.

As we talked about investing and wealth growth throughout this month, we learned a lot. But it’s a big and complex topic, and it’s natural that questions will pop up as we dive into different areas. Especially as we saw so much volatility in the stock market recently—which I know can be scary for new and seasoned investors alike.

For this episode, we asked the mamas in our free Mamas Talk Money Community on Facebook to send us their questions about growing your wealth. If one person in our community has a question, there are no doubt others wondering the same thing.

So if you’re still a little confused about investing and earning extra income to grow your wealth, today’s episode will help clear things up and answer some of your burning questions. I will be sharing my answers to common concerns about whether it’s too late to start investing, the difference between the multiple types of investment accounts available, how to make investing in yourself and your side hustle work for you, and so much more.

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