How to Raise Confident and Entrepreneurial Kids

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In today’s episode, I’m talking with Leah Remillet from The CEO Kid. Leah is an international speaker and trainer specializing in business growth without compromise. Her mission is to activate leadership and business skills in kids to prepare the next generation of self-reliant, confident entrepreneurs. We’ll cover how to teach your kids about money management, prepare them for success in the workforce, and encourage them to flex their entrepreneurial skills. Leah is so much fun to talk to, and I guarantee that by the end of this episode, your mind will be racing with ideas to implement with your own kids.

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Key Takeaways to Help You Implement Leah’s Advice in Your Own Parenting Journey

We’ve rounded up our top three takeaways from today’s episode to help summarize Leah’s main points so that you can incorporate them in your own parenting journey.

1 - Teach Your Kids to Ask Great Questions That Lead to Bigger Answers

Leah mentioned that it sounds a bit weird when you first say it, but we truly need to teach our kids how to think. Simply providing them with the quick answers, doing the work for them, or telling them there is only one answer to every question doesn’t let them flex their creative problem-solving skills. And that’s the #1 skill CEOs are looking for in leaders—and the #1 skill needed by successful entrepreneurs.

Let your kids be bored until they look for new ways to explore and express themselves. Be their coach—asking them what they think when they ask you a question, instead of just giving them the answer. Foster their natural curiosity.

Yes, sometimes that’s messy. Yes, sometimes that takes longer, and goodness knows we’re all busy. But that little extra space to discover for themselves can turn them into adults who view roadblocks not as stop signs, but simply detours.

2 - We Need to Let Kids Practice Independence When They’re Young

Whether it’s a question of money management, feeling the consequences for forgetting to turn in a homework assignment, or encouraging your kids to make their own phone calls like Leah does, we need to step back and let our kids have a little independence.

When they’re young, the stakes are so much lower. Maybe the mistake stings a bit, but they won’t be losing a job or watching their car get repossessed. And you’ll be right there to help them learn from the experience.

But letting our kids take risks—within reason, no jumping off roofs or stealing cars—has other benefits too. It reminds our kids that we have confidence in them and believe in their abilities. It shows them that it’s okay to make mistakes, that stumbles are part of life, and that you can learn from those moments and grow as a person.

It’s been shown that people can learn to have a growth mindset and can develop grit. But only if they have a chance to practice.

3 - Entrepreneurship is an Amazing Way to Teach So Many of the Life Skills We Want Our Kids to Have

Not all of our kids will grow up to be entrepreneurs. And letting them try their hand at business isn’t about pushing that option as the only path. Instead, encouraging your kiddo to take an idea and bring it to fruition gives them a range of real world experiences that are hard to replicate elsewhere.

Kids can learn how to problem solve. They can practice putting themselves in the mindset of someone else (their customer) and having empathy. They’ll learn about money—earning, budgeting, profit, even debt, if you give them some start up cash!

Not to mention the confidence that comes from seeing an idea they had become reality. They realize, in a big way, that they can handle big problems and create something they are proud of and that others value.

That’s an immensely powerful thing.

There will be moments when you have to provide guidance, but we both know our kids are capable of so much. A little (or big) business can let them prove it to themselves.

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Leah Remillét is an international speaker and trainer specializing in growth without compromise. Leah has built four successful businesses, both online and offline, and has been helping others do the same since 2009. She is the CEO of Leah Remillét International Inc. and the creator and founder of The CEO Kid (inspiring leadership and business skills in kids). Leah’s mission is to boldly inspire thriving, happy families. She has been featured in Forbes, Disney Babble, and in several magazines.

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