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Budgeting with a Mindset of Abundance

Why You've Got to Listen to This Episode...

For most people, budgeting doesn’t naturally bring to mind feelings of abundance. Best case, it’s a necessity and just another thing we have to do. Worst case, it’s a task we loathe and maybe even avoid. Feeling that way about managing our money—something so central to our daily lives—can leave us feeling drained and discouraged, which is why learning to budget from a place of abundance can be truly life-changing.

Far too often, budgeting is discussed as a way to limit, restrict, or tighten down our spending. And as a person who believes deep in my soul that words matter, I know that these ways of talking and thinking about budgeting are holding us back from the healthy relationship with money and wealth that we all want.

But we all have the power to change the way we think. It’s going to take practice, but all the best things do. If we can associate budgeting with mindfulness, intention, and joy, we can change the way we feel about it. Simply thinking about the things our budget gives us instead of what it takes away can be calming and empowering.

Transforming our mindset from scarcity to abundance is a radical act of self-love that allows us to feel positive about our spending and put our money toward the things we value most. In this episode, I share 5 strategies to help you shift your mindset to budget from a place of abundance and love.

Don't Miss These Highlights!

  • [02:08] How to focus on the great things your budget gives you
  • [05:04] Why renaming your budget categories can shift your perspective
  • [08:21] Ways to keep joy and gratitude in your money relationship
  • [11:44] Why you have to pay attention to your feelings
  • [15:58] How to make reviewing your budget a self-care practice
  • [18:22] Chelsea’s Top Takeaways

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Budgeting with a Mindset of Abundance