How to Align Motherhood and Your Big Ambitions

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In today’s episode, I’m talking with Rebecca Olson, life coach, and founder of the Aligning Motherhood coaching program. Rebecca helps moms redefine balance by helping them consider what brings them the most energy. She believes that pursuing that more often empowers you to confidently say no to what drains you. We’re going to discuss being more willing to sit with uncomfortable feelings, why knowing your why is crucial, and what questions you can ask yourself to make more aligned decisions in your career and in motherhood.

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Key Takeaways to Help You Align Motherhood and Your Big Ambitions

As always, we’ve rounded up our top three takeaways to summarize what we believe are the core points to remember from Rebecca.

1 - We Have to Strive for Our Own Sense of Internal Balance

Whenever I’ve thought about balance in the past, I’ve thought about it from a scheduling perspective. Rebecca’s perspective was incredibly eye-opening of thinking about balance as managing our own energy and resources.

That saying no to things that drain us and respecting what our minds and bodies need is an integral part of having true balance in your life, even if that means saying no to your kids sometimes or not engaging with their mood swings.

Rebecca’s point about how she can work more hours as a life coach and feel in better balance as a parent than she felt when she was working fewer hours in event planning is a great example. I feel the same way about my Smart Money Mamas work compared to my investing work.

You have to decide what fills your cup in all areas of your life and prioritize keeping yourself full and internally balanced.

2 - At Some Point, You’re Going to Have to Take a Leap of Faith

Whether you’re starting a business, completely changing careers, or just applying for a new job or promotion – at some point, you have to take a risk.

Things can’t change if you continue to just stay where you are. And, as we’ve talked about before on the show, we’re not fortune tellers. You don’t get to know where the next big step will take you.

But if you want to find work that has meaning to you and fits who you are and the type of parent you are, you have to be willing to make changes.

Do your introspection and research, talk to your spouse or friends, and take the leap.

3 - You're Destined for Big Things—Don’t Get Stuck in the How

I really enjoyed Rebecca’s exercise with clients of creating a metaphor that embodies your purpose. Because metaphors can have so many different meanings – and those meanings can change with circumstances and moods and stage of life.

As Rebecca says, your path is linear – you’re never making a break and starting over in a way that doesn’t connect back to all the things you’ve done before. You’ve never quote-unquote “wasted time” in a career because you learned and grew from every experience.

What we have to remember is that our metaphor – our big, great purpose still holds true even when we need to make changes to how we embody that purpose and maintain our internal balance.

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Connect with Rebecca

Rebecca is a life coach for working moms and founder of the coaching program, Aligning Motherhood. Through a unique combination of mindset, behavioral and researched techniques, she coaches working moms to achieve all their career goals without ever sacrificing their family. She is a California native, loves tea, has a 3 and 5 year old and plays ultimate frisbee for fun!

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