Smart Money Holiday Gift Guide

Want to give gifts this season that help your family build wealth? We’ve got you covered.

In this gift guide, we’ve rounded up our top 3 financially savvy gift ideas for every age group! Read on to find the perfect present for your loved ones.

Organize your family’s most important information – from finances to traditions to bed time stories – so you’re prepared, no matter what happens.

Our best-selling Family Emergency Binder (over 11,000 copies sold and featured on Netflix’s Dead to Me) is now available as a digital download or a physical 8GB flash drive for easy updating and storage!

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Keep your money mindset and self-care front-and-center with this sticky note pack!

Grab the complete 4 sticky note set or choose your favorite.

Have a sister, mama-friend, or loved one who wants to improve their relationship with money and build wealth in a way that feels good to them?

Give the gift of self-care with a membership to the Motivated Mama Society!

Purchase a 1-, 3-, 6-, or 12-month membership and we’ll send a motivating sticker sheet and note to your friend with how to claim their membership đź’–

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Smart Money Teens


This holiday season, open a custodial investment account for your teen (or a Roth IRA if they’re already working!) and help them start building wealth through investing before the year is out.

By starting their investment journey as teens, your kids will have valuable extra years of compound growth!

You can set up a custodial account wherever you invest, though our top choices are Vanguard or Fidelity.

This strategy board game is fun for adults and teens, teaching about stocks, bonds, commodities, and bitcoin and develop money skills!

Designed by financial experts and psychologists to gamify important lessons, it’s fun while applying proven STEM education principles to help your teen learn about the stock market.

For each game sold, the creator donates a meal to Feeding America!

I Will Teach You To Be Rich is my favorite book to gift to teens and young adults! It teaches savvy money habits while allowing the reader to decide what’s important to them and not feel guilt spending on those things.

Many beginner money books are rooted in scarcity (and are thus no fun) but not this book!

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Smart Money Pre-Teens

Have a child who’s always looking for more ways to earn money? Help them start their very first business with the CEO Kid course!

Entrepreneurship helps kids learn money skills, self-reliance, creative problem solving, and so much more. 

Taught by the incredible business coach Leah Remillet, this course takes your kids through choosing a business idea, discovering how to fund it, and successfully launching it into the world in an age appropriate way.

Want to raise kids who give back to their communities and the world at large? Find a charity that aligns with the things they love and give a donation in their name.

Our boys love animals – especially sea creatures – so we like to give to the local aquarium in their name! Or “adopt” animals from World Wildlife Foundation, so the kids get a stuffed animal and certificate. The photo is of Henry with his most recent adopted animal that he rescued with his own money.

This book is one of my absolute favorite books for young money masters. It will teach your child how to set goals, budget, earn money through working and entrepreneurship, and how to invest.

What I love about How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000 is that it’s honest and does not underestimate kids’ ability to understand money. While the writing is accessible to middle schoolers, it explains big concepts like compound interest, credit card debt, mutual funds, and how to write a good business plan.

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Smart Money Littles

These are my favorite allowance jars for young kids, featuring Save-Spend-Gift tin containers that fit together. They are big enough to hold bills and coins and start to teach kids early budgeting concepts.

We’ve been using Moonjar with our boys since we started allowance and they love them!

Games are one of the best ways to teach almost any concept to kids! The Buy It Right Shopping Game requires setting prices, buying items, making change and more.

It’s fun while reinforcing coin and bill recognition, adding, and making correct change. Perfect for family game night!

This activity set includes realistic bills and coins with games to teach money identification, counting, fine motor skills, and early money math.

Even when your kids aren’t playing the included activities, the bills and coins will make playing store more impactful.

Lemonade in Winter is one of my favorite money books for young kids! It’s an adorable story of trying to start a lemonade and limeade stand in the snow.

It has a great sibling relationship, encourages persistence and problem solving, and is a fun introduction to entrepreneurship.

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Give Money Savvy Gifts this Holiday Season

Gifts can be fun and help your loved ones build a stronger relationship with money and discover what they want their money to do for them. And when we buy smart money gifts? It’s an investment in your family’s financial future!

So, whether you grab the Family Emergency Binder for your sibling or parent, put Money Mindset Sticky Notes in your spouse’s stocking, or sign your kiddo up for  CEO Kid to help them launch their very first business, I hope this guide helped you make your holiday season a little more financially savvy!

What smart money gifts do you plan to give your loved ones for the holidays?

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