How to Get Your Reluctant Partner to Budget With Qube Money

Getting your partner on board with a new budgeting system can feel like pulling teeth. In fact, my husband’s first reaction to Qube Money was, “This sounds like a pain.”

But when the benefits are so powerful, it’s worth having the conversations to get your spouse on the same page. Jeremiah went from reluctant to flag-waving fan of Qube after just a few weeks.

Here’s how we changed our money management systems to include Qube and started saving more money together!

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Qube Money is an app and banking solution that combines the power of digital banking with the intentionality of cash envelope budgeting (without all the tracking or pesky cash.)

By creating “Qubes” (envelopes) in your Qube Money account that you need to open prior to making a purchase with your card, you develop intentionality with your money and maintain a real-time picture of your spending plan.

Want to know more? See our full Qube Money app walkthrough and review here.

Getting Your Partner on Board With Qube

Step 1: Hear Their Concerns

Changing money management systems isn’t something most people jump into without thinking about it. Especially when it’s a system that is going to require you to shift some of your habits and thoughts about spending.

When my husband and I first talked about Qube, he was concerned it would be a “pain in the neck” to have to open a Qube every time before spending. He was also worried about splitting transactions between Qubes or needing WiFi or cell service to be able to open Qubes. What if the store he was in didn’t have service?!

I’ll admit it was hard to listen to him dismiss the app when I knew it had so much potential to solve some of our money management problems. (Namely, me having to take time every week to update every transaction and tell my husband where we stood.) But if I didn’t hear him out, I wouldn’t know how to introduce the app to our lives in a way that would work for both of us.

Let your partner talk through their worries and truly listen to them. You want to make sure you both understand how this system will work in your life.

Step 2: Share Experiences & Solutions

Once you have fully listened to your partner – and shared your own thoughts about Qube, why you’re interested in the app and your concerns – you can offer experiences you’ve heard about Qube and solutions to their concerns.

Have your partner watch my video with my husband, Jeremiah, sharing his experiences after being reluctant to use Qube Money.

Let them know when their worries have solutions. For example, Jeremiah’s worry about not being able to access our money without cell or WiFi service, I let him know you can open Qubes before going into a store or even set a Qube to be open all day. That way, if he got to checkout and didn’t have service, the Qube would already be open and he could just swipe his card.

Once you’ve addressed what can be addressed, be understanding that while you love the idea of Qube Money, you don’t know exactly how it will fit in your lives yet. Which brings us to the next step.

Step 3: Choose a Categories & Time Frame to Test Qube

Pro tip: You don’t have to switch all of your spending to Qube Money all at once. In fact, that might be overwhelming for you and your partner.

Instead, I recommend picking 2 to 3 problem spending categories for your family. Groceries, dining out, clothing, and kid expenses are common ones.

Then, set a timeline with your partner to try Qube together. A month or two is a fantastic start!

Step 4: Continue to Have Open Discussions on How Qube Money is Working for You

No money management system is perfect, especially when you’re new to using it. To help both you and your partner become long-term users of Qube Money, keep an open dialogue about how it’s going.

Address concerns as they come up. Qube’s support team is amazing, so reach out to them with questions and solutions.

The more you can understand the power of Qube and make adjustments in your use of it during the early days, the more likely you will both be to fall in love with the system!

An Adjustment We Made While Using Qube Early On

One issue Jeremiah had early on was that towards the end of the month, there wasn’t enough money in our Fuel Qube for the high hold amounts required by the gas pump.

We discussed a number of options – him going in to the station to put an exact amount on the pump and avoid the hold? That was a no with COVID and him not wanting to leave the boys in the car.

Moving money from another Qube to allow for the hold, then transferring it back afterwards? No, too many steps. (We tried this and he would just avoid filling up the tank until the Qube was refilled – not ideal.)

So, we decided to just always keep a buffer amount in our Fuel Qube. When it gets down to $100, we know it’s time to reload the Qube. Easy!

Give Qube a Try Today!

When you ask my reluctant husband now what he thinks about Qube, he’s over the moon. Did using the app require changing some habits? Of course! But he says, “Qube makes me feel more confident with our money. I always know where we are with the budget without having to ask you or log into overwhelming budget spreadsheets.”

His recommendation to partners who are wary of switching to a new system? “Give it a try! Qube lets us be more intentional and saves us time and money. If I hadn’t agreed to our one month trial, we would be missing out in a big way.”

Download the Qube Money app today and use the code MONEYMAMA to get 2 free months of Premium! Perfect for that trial run with your partner!

What makes your spouse reluctant to try Qube Money? Drop it in the comments for support on how to get them open to trying the app!

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