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Embracing the Power of Money Mindset

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Having a healthy money mindset is a necessity—cultivating a wealthy money mindset is downright powerful. Our individual money beliefs play into every area of our financial life and getting clear on what those beliefs are and what we’d like them to be can impact our relationship with money in amazing ways. And that’s why we chose to kick off the Smart Money Mamas show with a month focused on mindset.

Have you ever tried to pursue a financial goal and felt like you couldn’t get out of your own way? Your money mindset might be holding you back. I’ve never met anyone – wealthy, struggling, old, young – that didn’t have some money mindset work to do. It impacts our ability to reach our full potential, provide for ourselves, and find contentment and peace with our money.

I remember a time when I scoffed at the importance of money mindset. And honestly, my own was a mess. I was obsessively focusing on things that were not aligned with what I actually wanted. After a lot of self-reflection and using many of the strategies we’re going to talk about this month, I’ve shifted my mindset around money in a healthier direction.

In today’s episode, I’ll share where I started, why my mindset had to change, and what I’m still working on—as well as a few ways to get the most out of this month’s powerful topic. I think we’d all like to have a healthier relationship with money that helps us build wealth and live our best life. Figuring out what’s holding us back and working towards a truly wealthy money mindset is an amazing gift we can give ourselves and our loved ones.

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How to Embrace the Power of Money Mindset
Embracing the Power of Money Mindset Episode 001

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