How to Know When to Invest In Your Business

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In today’s episode, I’ve got some practical advice for how to know when to invest in your business. The fear of failing can keep you from ever getting started, but you’ll burn out fast without a plan to invest somehow! We’ll cover how to decide on your start-up budget, when to buy online tools and courses, and when to outsource and bring on help.

Moments You Don't Want to Miss

  • [04:27] Why you must question your scarcity mindset when it’s time to invest in your business
  • [06:49] Consider these creative ways to mitigate the cost of your initial investment
  • [11:24] Discover why boot-strapping a business can make you successful
  • [18:41] Learn why the search for the “perfect” tool can impede your progress
  • [26:41] Find out why your business doesn’t need another “you”

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