How to Use Children’s Literature to Engage Character Education Conversations

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Today I’m talking with children’s author, Maria Dismondy. Maria has published a handful of delightful books that focus on diversity and character education. Learn how a lack of diverse children’s literature inspired Maria to leave the classroom to publish her own children’s books. 

We’re talking about how you can use literature for creative conversations starters, tips for helping kids navigate anxiety with a new school year, and why we should always encourage curiosity!

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Connect with Maria

Award-winning author and founder of the publishing company, Cardinal Rule Press, Maria Dismondy inspires and educates others in the book industry.
Her background in early education and research enables her to touch lives the world over while touring online as a public speaker in schools, community forums, and at national conferences. 

When Maria isn’t working, she can be found embarking on adventures throughout southeast Michigan and beyond, where she lives with her husband, three book-loving children and two puppies.

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