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My name is Chelsea. I started Mama Fish Saves to help parents take control of their finances and raise financially smart kids!

Over the past several years I have found that too many parents felt lost looking at their bank account, tax return, or 401k statement.  “Why didn’t anyone teach me this in school?” was a common mantra. What worried me was if we don’t have the answers, how can we raise kids that do? I wanted to break the cycle.

At Mama Fish Saves, I aim to provide simple, easy to understand answers to all the money questions you wish someone had explained long ago. The financial industry profits on making money seem complicated, but the secrets to success are surprisingly simple.

Do you want to reduce money stress, feel empowered by your finances, and confidently answer all your child’s money questions? Then this is the place for you! Sign up below to get simple family finance tips delivered right to your inbox and achieve your dreams!

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