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Is your family prepared?

The In Case of Emergency Binder will guide your family through all those things we hope never happen with:

  • Over 90 pages of simple, printable worksheets to organize everything your family may need to know (type right in the PDF!)
  • 15 easy-to-navigate subsections - no shuffling through drawers and file cabinets
  • The perfect mix of cold-hard-fact and emotional legacy. Including your son's favorite lullaby.

This is a digital product, nothing will be shipped. We have made the Family Emergency Binder a fillable PDF so you can swap out pages or make changes as your life changes, without having to buy a new product.

Vicki Cook

Creator of Women Who Money & Make Smarter Decisons

Chelsea has created a product that isn’t just important, it’s a must-do for anyone who says how much they love their family. Whether you are married or not, completing the “In Case of Emergency Binder” will organize all of your important information in one place for your loved ones in case something happens to you. It’s not a topic most people want to talk about but illnesses, injuries, and tragedies happen.

This binder isn’t really about you, it’s about the people you love and saving them a lot of work and energy during a difficult time when you can’t help yourself or when you are no longer here. And isn’t just all about “money” issues. Chelsea has included pages about emotional topics that you really need to consider. You can’t turn back the clock and tell people things that you always wanted to. Take action today to make sure you have no regrets. The bonus? Your most important life information – all in one place for you to use at any time.

Prepare Your Family For Anything

We’ve all sat waiting for our life insurance physical, expecting our first child or with young kids wobbling around on pudgy, unsteady legs at home. We’ve sat through uncomfortable meetings with a lawyer, spelling out our will. Asking the hard questions to protect our loved ones from the chaos of probate. (Or, you’re reading this with that twinge of guilt thinking, “Yes, I should really talk to someone about a will…“) 

Every parent wants to spare their family any pain possible. We think of the hard stuff, just so we can wrap our love around them a little more securely. What are life insurance policies, really, but a way to protect them even when we’re gone? 

But until we’ve been through a true emergency, we don’t know what it takes to make them secure. We don’t know about all those things that a life insurance policy or will doesn’t spell out. Like how to pay the cable bill. Or file a long-term disability claim with your employer. Heck, how to get in touch with your employer.

Or what happens if you’re out of town and your daughter breaks her arm? Do her caretakers have the paperwork they need to get her treated?

These problems, unfortunately, happen all the time. We can pray, knock on wood, cross our fingers that it never happens to you. But if it did, what would it look like?


Leif Dahleen, MD

Physician on FIRE

As a physician, I have seen many families who were not prepared for the inevitable, whether it was sudden or expected for some time. The In Case of Emergency Binder can take some of the difficult work of tracking down your loved one’s accounts wishes, accounts, phone numbers, and so much more. I highly recommend preparing your binder well before you think you might need it.

Often, even when you think you have all the big pieces of the puzzle in place, the after effects of an unexpected event aren’t a pretty picture. 

Take my friend Michael, whose father died and no one had the pass code to the large safe he had built into the house. They spent days rifling through every piece of paper in his office, wondering what to do. Could they hire someone to drill it out? But then, how much would it cost to fix? And why did they have to think about this stupid safe when their hearts were so heavy?

Make tough times just a little easier. Give your family the information they need, all in one place.

Or Donna, whose husband planned to go over some financial details with her on Monday. But died of a sudden heart attack on Saturday. She knew the basics, but he handled most of the bill paying and investing. Unraveling how to log into his credit card accounts, how the cable bill was paid, and whether they paid property taxes quarterly or annually took months. It’s been a year, and sometimes she still unearths small things she missed.

The trouble is, our financial, family, and online lives are more complicated than ever before. Bills are no longer mailed to the house, you have to know they exist. And especially in families where one spouse handles most of the finances, this is hard to handle. 

My husband knows the budget, but I couldn’t guarantee that he would remember how all our accounts connect together. What bills are on autopay, which need to be paid manually. And I knew my mom or brother would be completely lost.

So, I did something about it.

The In Case of Emergency Binder includes all the information your family may need. In any situation.

This simple but detailed PDF puts what you need at your finger tips, at the times when rifling through drawers and back-and-forth phone calls are too overwhelming to contemplate. 


I took all the necessary information and made it into a simple workbook that anyone could apply to their lives. All you need to do is print it out and fill in the blanks.

If you’re wondering how I did this, or why, I’ll tell you.

I’m what some might call a control freak. As I saw some people I cared for go through difficult times, I worried for my husband and my boys. I craved some security. To, at the very least, learn something from their struggle.

So, I created a binder that organized all the information of our complicated lives. I made it easy for anyone to step in and keep life stable if something happened to me.

Then, after I put mine together, I wondered if I really covered it all. I reached out and spoke to 30 people who had been there. Loss of loved ones, suffered emergencies that separated them from their kids, had medical disabilities. And I asked them what information they wished they had at that time.

I used their knowledge to make my binder better. And when it was done, I wanted everyone to have one. I wanted others to find the security I felt from getting things in order for my family.

And now, you can.


Chelsea has done a fantastic job on this binder.  You can tell she has really done her research. It is incredibly thorough. These things are fresh on my mind because less than three months ago, my 29-year-old daughter died.  The information provided in this binder would have been great to have.

Still unconvinced? Here are three reasons your family needs the In Case of Emergency Binder...


Easy to navigate sections

This is more than dumping all your important info into one place. The In Case of Emergency Binder is broken into 15 clear sections so whomever needs it can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.4


Everything you need in simple forms

Know you need something prepared for your loved ones, but don’t know where to start? Simply fill out the forms. We’ve thought of everything for you.


The right balance of fact & emotion

The hope is, you never need this binder. But if you do, give your family more than where to find the insurance paperwork. This binder will hold things of emotional value too – like your daughter’s best friend’s name or your dog’s favorite kind of treat.

User Reviews

Cara - The Financially Free Life

I love this binder. The layout is organized, necessary info is easily accessible. I have seen people try to get through that absolute worst time without a clue as to where to find the information they need. I believe this is easily worth $75-$100 and is a steal at $39! This is so valuable and everybody needs it.

Tanja - Our Next Life

This completely rocks, and the world will be a better place for having this resource!


This product is fantastic and very much needed! Our family is not as prepared as we should be, and this will alleviate stress. I always get concerned prior to a family trip, or if my husband and I go somewhere without the kids.

Sara-Lynn - Inspired Decorator

I just want to say, wow. I am blown away by how comprehensive this document is. My grandpa just passed away on the weekend, and I have been writing down things as necessary paperwork comes up. I've been checking to see if they are in this document, and they have all been in one section or another, as well as more.

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Download the In Case of Emergency Binder, print it out, and if you don’t love it, then just email me and I’ll give you all your money back. No fine print, no funny games. I’m taking a risk by doing this. I can’t make you give the emergency binder back. I can’t reach through cyberspace to delete the PDF off your hard drive, so you could just order the workbook, ask for a refund, and rip me off. But I’m going to trust that you’re not going to do that. Because I believe as soon as you see what’s inside, you’re going to understand its value. You’re going to see important things you never thought to write down and that will be worth far more than the $39 price tag.