How Ladies Get Paid and Level Up

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In this episode I’m talking with author and founder of Ladies Get Paid, Claire Wasserman. This was originally a live we recorded in the Motivated Mama Society, which gave our community the chance to ask some questions about the gender gap that you’re probably asking too.

We’re talking about why you need to trust your instincts more, why you should always be intentionally growing your network, and how to negotiate a raise and get recognized for the value you bring.

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Key Takeaways to Help Ladies Get Paid and Level Up

As always, we’ve rounded up our top three takeaways to summarize what we believe are the core points to remember from Claire. 

1 - Always Work on Growing Your Network With a Diverse Group of People

Sometimes we get into doing our jobs on a regular basis and we forget to keep connecting with other people who might be able to help us. Connections can happen anywhere and lead to unexpected opportunity. Now in a pandemic, we’re not out and about as often. But this could mean joining Facebook groups joining LinkedIn groups, joining communities like Ladies Get Paid or the Motivated Mama Society where you can find regular support and have the opportunity to ask questions.
In these groups, look for mentors and sponsors. Mentors are amazing, and they can teach us valuable skills. But sponsors are people in your unique workplace that are going to encourage your bosses to promote you, or give you that next opportunity. Those are the people we all need to get to the next level.
So if you’re feeling a little isolated while you’re working from home, reach out to someone who’s a few steps ahead of you and ask if they want to do a 15 minute zoom coffee chat and hang out and just get their advice to start building those relationships. It’ll make a huge difference in your long-term career.

2 - When Asking For a Raise, Show Up Prepared

It’s important to know your company’s business model, when a budget is set,  and who the decision maker is. That way, you go in at the right time. And you know you’re talking to the right person. If you wait until annual raise time or until the start of a new year, those budgets are likely already set. Then it’s going to be a lot harder to get the raise that you deserve.

Also, be prepared with a list of your accomplishments and know exactly how you’ve helped the company’s bottom line. Focus on accomplishments that you know have helped them – when you do something to drive their profit forward so that they see exactly how valuable you are.

This is something you should keep logged throughout the year and be able to pull up before you go into a raise conversation. It’s much easier than trying to look backwards and pull out those small achievements. Research what your people in your industry are paid. Know what the realistic range is. And then when you’re in the conversation, know what the first number is – never the final number.

Remember, you can negotiate for more than money. If they’re claiming they’re strapped on budget, ask about continuing education, vacation time, or parking. Think about your whole compensation package, and not just your salary. That way, you can be more flexible, and they have more opportunities to boost your overall pay. Go prepared, know your worth, and don’t take the first number they offer. 

3 - Never Doubt the Power of Community

Join a community like Ladies Get Paid or the Motivated Mama Society. Find places where you can talk about the things that are typically taboo without fear of judgment. Having these conversations is the way we break through barriers.

These communities are also the way we figure out how other women and other people are handling tough situations. It gives us the tools and skills to continue to advance ourselves. Find those spaces and utilize them often. 

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Connect with Claire

Claire Wasserman is an educator, entrepreneur, and author of an upcoming book to be published by Simon & Schuster on January 12, 2021. She is the Founder of Ladies Get Paid, a global community that champions the professional and financial advancement of women. She is also a producer and host of John Hanock’s podcast, “Friends Who Talk About Money”. 

Claire has traveled the country teaching thousands of women how to negotiate millions of dollars in raises, start businesses, and advocate for themselves in the workplace. Claire was named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Most Powerful Women and is a highly-sought-after expert for Fortune 500 companies working to improve diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within their organizations. Learn more about Claire at clairewasserman.com.

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