Family Emergency Binder

Organize your family's most important information - from finances to traditions to bed time stories - so you're prepared, no matter what happens.

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What If You Were Suddenly Unable to Handle All The Things You Usually Take Care Of?

Whether it’s paying the bills, filling insurance claims, dropping your kids off at sports, setting up play dates, or managing your investments, there are so many things we do in life that where we’re the only ones in the know.

Maybe our spouse, parents, or siblings generally know where we bank or where you keep your files. I mean, you talk! But could they navigate it all without you there to walk them through it?

We’ve all sat waiting for our life insurance physical, expecting our first child or with young kids wobbling around on pudgy, unsteady legs at home. We’ve sat through uncomfortable meetings with a lawyer, spelling out our will. Asking the hard questions to protect our loved ones, no matter what happened. (Or, you’re reading this with a twinge of guilt thinking, “Yeah, I really need to talk to someone about a estate planning….”)

Every caring adult - and I know you are one if you're reading this - wants to spare their loved ones as much pain as possible.

We think of the scary stuff, just so we can wrap our love around them a little more securely. What are life insurance policies, really, but a way to protect our families even when we’re gone?

The problem is, until we’ve been through a true emergency, we don’t know what it takes to make them secure. We don’t know about all those things that a life insurance policy or will doesn’t spell out. Like how to pay the cable bill. Or your phone passcode. Or how to file a long-term disability claim with your employer. Heck, how to get in touch with the right person at your employer.

What happens if you’re out of town and your daughter breaks her arm? Do her caretakers have the paperwork they need to get her treated? Do they know who her doctor is or your insurance information?

These problems, unfortunately, happen all the time. We can pray, knock on wood, cross our fingers that it never happens to us. But if it did, what would it look like?

That's why you need a Family Emergency Binder. To put all your need-to-know information in one place - a guide for your loved ones.

And with the Binder, you never need to worry about whether you’ve written down the right things or thought of everything. It’s all there for you. Just fill in the blanks and rest easy.

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Here's What's Inside

16 Well Organized Sections

The Family Emergency Binder has three main modules – Key Family Information, Financial Information, and Need to Know Information. 

Each module has subsections to make the binder easy to navigate, letting you or your loved ones quickly find what you need!

Type Into the Forms on Your Computer or Tablet or Print & Write

Clean, easy to complete forms – no worrying if you’ve thought of the right details, simply follow along and fill in everything you need. 

And if you need to update? Simply type in the new info or print a new page! 

The Right Balance of Fact & Emotion

The hope is, you never need this binder. But if you do, give your family more than where to find the insurance paperwork. This binder will hold things of emotional value too – like your daughter’s best friend’s name or your dog’s favorite kind of treat.

The Family Emergency Binder is a must-have if...

Wonder What Users Have to Say?

Over 8,000 Family Emergency Binders sold!


Just downloaded your Family Emergency Binder and WOW… I am blown away with its thorough coverage! Worth its weight in gold, thank you very much!!!

Happy, Prepared Customer

I’m physician mom facing the country’s COVID pandemic with a first responder husband.

I’m confident if anything happened to either of us, this binder could help my mother or sister step in and navigate things!

This has the perfect mix of practical (how to contact my employer, access the mortgage account) and emotional (how to get the baby to bed – although maybe that’s practical too)

Mom & Doctor

I LOVE the In Case of Emergency Binder! I’ve thought about passwords and such before, however; I’ve never thought of making sure someone else knows how to take care of all of the really big things. In time of an emergency – it will be so helpful to have this information available. And the letters??? I need to do it – and I’m so happy to have a guide.

Organized, Excited Customer

I have a problem with inertia. When I need to get things done, I start with the easiest tasks to accomplish. It’s easier to get a small ball rolling than a big boulder. Having a well-organized print out for our Legacy Binder makes it much easier to tackle this task, and you can easily do it a few pages at a time. The $39 cost is a great value!

Physician on FIRE

What Happens When You Purchase Today

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Click the button below to purchase your copy of the Family Emergency Binder for $39 and have it instantly sent to your inbox!

After your purchase, you'll download a 6-page setup guide that will walk you through our suggestions on tackling filling out your binder and let you select which version you want (fillable or printable - if you're printing, we use less color to not exhaust your printer - and whether or not you have children.)

You can begin filling out your most important information right away!

And we'll send you a few emails over the next couple of weeks to keep you accountable and make sure you complete it!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Family Emergency Binder is a fillable PDF document. It will be delivered to you immediately after purchase!   You can complete it on the computer and print the document or print and complete it by hand. We've designed it that way so it's easy to update (lots of crossing out and erasing as your life & accounts change is messy!)
Good question!   It’s generally easier to let loved ones know where to find a physical binder while keeping it secure. Plus, you can easily include originals of your important documents, as opposed to copies.   However, the digital version is easier to keep updated and typing – instead of handwriting – is of course easier to read.   Personally, I fill out the Emergency Binder on the computer and save the digital version on a thumb drive along with copies of our important documents. My children’s named guardian also has a copy of the thumb drive and I update both once a year.   Then I have printed the filled out version to keep in our family safe. When I update the digital version, I print any pages that needed changing and swap them out in the physical binder.   Just be sure to save any digital versions in very secure locations and don’t send completed versions over email. This binder includes a multitude of sensitive information that you want to be sure to protect.

As mentioned above, this certainly isn’t information I would just leave lying around. But not having this information can mean months (and even years) of difficulty for your family were something to happen.

Balance security with the benefits of having this information on hand. It is unlikely someone breaks into your house, into a fireproof safe, and steals your binder. And it’s equally unlikely they access a thumb drive saved in that location. But crazy things do happen.

Yes! Aside from some references to including HIPAA forms (a U.S. healthcare concept), everything is relevant to all families. You can customize account types to the names that best suit your region.

No! When you download your copy of the binder, you'll be able to choose between three versions - Minor Children, Grown Children, and No Children. Each version has the pages you would need for your family situation.   The Family Emergency Binder is a necessary organizational tool for any adult - married or not married, kids or no kids. It is designed to help your next-of-kin manage your affairs. Which can actually be more confusing if you don't have a partner or older child that regularly sees how you manage accounts.
Download the Family Emergency Binder, print it out or go through the document, and if you don’t love it, then just email me and I’ll give you all your money back. No fine print, no funny games.   I’m taking a risk by doing this. I can’t make you give the emergency binder back. I can’t reach through cyberspace to delete the PDF off your hard drive, so you could just order the workbook, ask for a refund, and rip me off. But I’m going to trust that you’re not going to do that. Because I believe as soon as you see what’s inside, you’re going to understand its value.   You’re going to see important things you never thought to write down. How well organized all the information is to make it easy to navigate for your family members. And that will be worth far more than the $39 price tag.

You can email us at hello[@]! We would be happy to assist you and will respond as soon as possible.

Protect your loved ones with the Family Emergency Binder today!