How to Thrive as a Working Mom

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How can you be everything – how can you really be anything else – when you have to be a focused mother 100% of your time? The simple answer is you just can’t. That’s why, for the month of June, we’ll be diving into the realities of being a working mom—from working at home with kids and building successful businesses to making power moves in your career and handling the demands of parenting and emotional and household labor. We’ll talk about creating careers you love while balancing things at home and ditching all the overwhelming guilt that we experience as mothers.

In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing why the idea of “having it all” is just unrealistic and how you get to decide what that personally means for you. We’ll discuss the history of how we got to this place as well as help you recognize that what you may be asking of yourself is very hard to live up to.

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